Auto bnc script

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Auto bnc script

Post by DS on Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:41 pm

What Id really like to have in a script is this:

One that has a multi network/channel relay addon/script
One that comes equipped with a bnc that will connect to a designated irc network ( will even pay for it, but I dont want to be bothered with setting one up. I just want my real ip hidden when networks refuse to mask ip.
One that has a nickfinder like eXtreme version 9 does

I know... to much to ask eh? Would anybody know where to find a multi network/channel relay script? I need to relay one channel on one network to a second channel on a second network.



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Re: Auto bnc script

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:17 pm

The script on should do the trick:

I have not used it but it should work if you follow the instructions.

Regarding a BNC you would need to set that up yourself. A bnc can essentially be added as a group to the server list and the auto-join (connect) script would connect to it. File->Options->Add->Fill out 'Description', 'IRC Server', 'Ports', and name the group 'BNC' for example. Enter your BNC password in the 'Password' box. Under Auto-Join, add 'bnc' and check "Auto-Connect to Network on Start". Create a new group for each bnc and call it something else, such as bnc2, bnc3, and so on.

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