Simpler script update method for v4.3 and beyond

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Simpler script update method for v4.3 and beyond

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:24 am

Future versions of Polaris SE will have a seperate zip file download called 'Updater'.
The updater will contain ONLY script files (no help files, no mirc.ini, no mirc.exe, etc).
The updater will come with a 'loader script' which will automatically update all script files.
The entire process can be done without exiting Polaris SE (no need to close mirc.exe).

Example instructions:
1. Extract the contents of the zip file over your EXISTING Polaris SE directory (overwrite all files it asks).
2. To execute the loader script, in Polaris SE type: /load -rs loaderscript.mrc
Make sure you click 'Yes' if you get a dialog prompt titled: 'Script Warning'

3. The loader script will then execute and re-load/load all script files. You are now updated to the next version! (You will get a message indicating you have updated to the next version)

Script users can still download the full zip file and use the 'Import' feature if they feel more comfortable doing so. The ease of the script loader is in that you don't have to extract the full zip to a new folder and then use the import function to copy over your old settings.

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