Polaris SE v4.2 Released

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Polaris SE v4.2 Released

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:38 pm

Version 4.2 is out now so get it from the download section at http://polaris.sitesled.com or http://polarisse.tripod.com !
There have been many changes, both large and small, I will highlight some of the bigger ones below:

Multi-Network Auto-Connect on Start: allows you to connect to multiple networks when you start Polaris SE

Multi-Network Auto-Join: automatically join channels on connect for defined networks
All file serving methods support multiple network queues (Fserve, XDCC, TDCC, etc will function on all networks)

All script dialogs have been re-coded to support all monitor types and screen resolutions (previously widescreen monitors/various screen resolutions displayed the dialogs choppily or incorrectly)

More comprehensive import script: Now you can import the majority of your previous mirc.ini settings such as logging, dcc ports, etc. For the 'Download Manager' addon, all received files/settings will be imported. 'xSeen' addon settings and seen data will be imported. FiSH addon data will be imported (encryption keys).

XDCC Browser, DarkEngine, and FiSH addons have been updated to newer versions.


Away system by default will not announce away. You can still announce away to all channels by using the Away popup "Announce Away". NOTE: Typing '/away sleep' will no longer announce away to all channels as well (the less spam the better, right?).

Channel flood protection is disabled by default. Enable it through the 'Channel Flood Protection Settings' popup.

Fixed: The Dark Engine addon may crash mIRC for some users if you try to display Internet settings. The 'System Information' popup no longer displays Internet settings so you do not have to worry about a crash.

Polaris SE mIRC script Author - Website Home: http://polaris.sitesled.com http://polarisse.tripod.com
If you would like help in real time you need to idle on the irc.rizon.net script channel #central. I am only available for short periods each day, which is why I emphasize to ask questions and idle.

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